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Posted by Big Boo on September 25th, 2007

Pacers - Chewy Mint SweetsDo you remember Opal Fruits? OK, I know you can still get Opal Fruits today (I refuse to call them Starburst – this is an 80’s site you see!) but the reason I ask this question is if you remember them being called Opal Fruits you may also recall the subject of this post – Pacers mints.

Pacers were the same size, shape and consistency as an Opal Fruit, and sold in similar sized packages, but instead of being fruity flavours they were mints. They were Spearmint flavoured and very tasty too! Since they were chewy they were far too easy to eat quickly, meaning they never lasted quite as long as your average Polo mint. They also suffered from the problem of getting stuck on your back teeth. This was not usually stuck in the toffee pulling your fillings out sense, but you would get a little blob of Pacer stuck to one of your back teeth, which then required some determined tongue olympics to flick it back off.

Originally Pacers were completely white in colour, but they underwent a transformation to have some green stripes added to them. I don’t think the stripes were anything other than colouring, but it made them more identifiable when they were advertised on TV than a fairly non-descript white square.

I forget which company manufactured Pacers, and I wasn’t able to find out when they stopped making them, but I believe it may have been the early 1990’s. I have also been unable to track down any pictures of Pacers unfortunately, so as with my post on Jacob’s Trio, you’ll have to make do with my artists impression instead!