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Posted by Big Boo on October 10th, 2007

Mackintosh ToffoToffo are, unsurprisingly, toffees. I used to really enjoy them as a kid, and was surprised to learn that you can actually still buy them today. Can’t say I’ve seen them in any shops, but I guess since I thought they had been phased out I wasn’t looking for them so didn’t ever find them! I must seek out a packet and see if they are as good as I remember.

Whilst they may be named more like a circus clown than a sweet, Toffo’s were very tasty. Original Toffee Toffo (have you ever noticed how the non-messed with variety of foodstuffs always gets called “original flavour”, rather than what the actual flavour is?) was a tube of small round toffee sweets. I liked them because a packet would last you a long time as you had to suck them first as they were too hard to chew initially. Of course, if you sucked them too long they would become too soft and get stuck in your teeth, so make sure you don’t eat them before a visit to the dentist!

I liked the normal Toffo, but my favourites were the flavoured ones. If I remember correctly you got a random selection of “original”, banana, strawberry and my personal Toffo of choice, chocolate. There were two ways of eating a pack of flavoured Toffo. You could either rip the entire pack open to pick the flavour you wanted, or open the end of the tube and take them as they came. I usually went for the latter method, but if I was offering them around I would be sure to check what the next one was in case it was a chocolate one, and keep that for myself. Selfish, I know, but don’t get between a boy and his favourite sweets…

The above are the two varieties that I remember from my youth, but it appears Toffo are one of the few things that are actually better now than they were then! You can now get tubes of mint and liquorice flavour Toffo (not in the same tube obviously). I do not recall these from my childhood, maybe they did exist, maybe not, but I must say I’m tempted by a tube of mint ones (liquorice you can keep – bleurgh!).

Got a hankering for these tasty toffees now? Well, if you can’t find them in the shops then you can pick some up from A Quarter Of. Mind your fillings!