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Penny Sweets – Candy Bracelets and Watches

Posted by Big Boo on October 17th, 2007

Candy WatchEdible jewellery, eh? What an idea. One of the more expensive (if a few pence can be called expensive) penny sweets was the Candy Watch or Candy Bracelet. It consisted of a piece of elastic with candy beads threaded on to it, which could be worn around your wrist as a piece of jewellery, but could also be nibbled on whenever you felt peckish by picking off a bead or two.

The beads were made from a hard, but fairly brittle candy, with a bit of a chalky taste to them. Sometimes the candy had a bit of a fizzy taste too. They came in many different colours, but whether the different colours were supposed to taste different I’m not sure. I don’t remember one bead tasting any different to another, so I guess it was purely a cosmetic thing, although I must admit that personally I wasn’t really much of a fan of the taste anyway, so perhaps I have a clouded judgement.

The original form of these sweets was purely as a bracelet, but longer necklaces were also available in some sweetie shops, and presumably in an attempt to appeal more to boys, there were also watch variants. These had one big sweet with a time stamped on it in an edible red ink to look like a watch face – sometimes digital, sometimes with hands. This big sweet had two holes punched in it, to which the two ends of elastic were tied. These days there are also some more, ahem, adult variations on the theme (edible underwear) but as this is a family site so we won’t discuss this any further…

With all today’s safety concerns over anything potentially consumed or played with by children I am surprised that these sweets are still available, as they consist of not one, but two choking hazards – the small sweets, and the piece of elastic! Personally I’m glad to see they haven’t been ordered from our shop shelves (check out A Quarter Of if you want to get some), as it’s nice to think that the simple things we enjoyed as kids can still be enjoyed by today’s generation of kids just as much.