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Deelie Boppers

Posted by Big Boo on November 6th, 2007

Deelie BoppersI’m always fascinated by the way crazes for certain items come and go. I often wonder who is responsible for starting the current fad in the first place. Obviously someone somewhere must have started the craze of in the first place, but how do you identify exactly who that person is? Whilst you ponder that, consider this as a fine example – the humble pair of Deelie Boppers.

Every kid had a pair during the 1980’s, and apart from making you look strange they didn’t really serve any purpose. Basically just a plastic headband with two long springs each with a glitter encrusted plastic shape on the end, they made you look as if you had some goofy looking antennae on your head. The shapes on the end of the spring were usually either balls (the original version I believe), stars or hearts. Sometimes they were made extra fancy with the addition of feathers or flashing lights.

These days Deelie Boppers only seem to get used by hen night partygoers (there are male oriented versions available too, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen any stag parties wearing them) or at fancy dress parties to make you look like an alien/insect/idiot (delete as applicable!). If by some strange chance you really need a pair, check out the SillyJokes website where you can get hold of a wide variety of styles ranging from the classic balls through to St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks.

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