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You and Me

Posted by Big Boo on November 8th, 2007

A Crow - You find a picture for You and Me!You and me, me and you, lots and lots, for us to do.

Maybe lots and lots to do, but before I start reminiscing, let me first say that it’s amazing how not-lots and lots of information there is on the Web, hence the less than perfect accompanying photo of a crow. If you’re still puzzled why I’ve used a crow then read on…

You and Me was a educational BBC kids show that spanned 20 years of television, first airing in 1974 and ending in 1994. It was a show for pre-school children that aimed to teach kids about the world around them including such topics as right and wrong, acceptance of others, sharing, basically the kinds of things that all well brought up children should be well versed in. The format for You and Me changed a lot over the years, ranging from documentary style films about young children doing things (something like the little film sections shown on Teletubbies) to shows involving puppets and humans interacting.

The earliest incarnation I remember mixed short films with stop frame animated puppets Hamster and Crow (hence the picture!). Hamster was a little shy and mild, whilst Crow was a bit more outgoing. I’ll always remember them starting each episode by taking it in turns to say hello to boys and girls, mums and dads, doctors and nurses, oh, and you! And me! Crow would say the “and you!” bit and spread his wings wide, hiding Hamster, who would then pull his wing out of the way and say in a tiny voice “And me!”. They would then discuss some issue before showing a small film, and then discussing it afterwards.

The next version I recall was one with a male presenter (no idea who) and a dragon puppet called Snap. I seem to recall an artists easel being involved somewhere too, so perhaps the presenter drew pictures or something to illustrate whatever subject was being taught. Snap was a big green dragon with wings and a really smooth sounding voice (I imagine he would have been quite the crooner). He also had a huge set of bright white teeth, which is where he got his name from, as he would sometimes bring his jaws together really quickly to make a loud snapping noise.

The final version I want to talk about (although given my age perhaps I shouldn’t as I would have been well out of the target age group by then) was the Cosmo and Dibbs era. They were strange spongy Muppet like puppets who had a market stall, vaguely human, but given that they existed with other real human presenters it’s not certain what they were actually supposed to be. I believe Cosmo was female and had a really think Geordie accent (yeah, ah naw Dibbs) whilst Dibbs was more of a Londoner and supposedly a male. Eighties TV celebrity Gary Wilmot was one of the many human presenters who would come along and teach Cosmo and Dibbs about something, and sort out their squabbling when they didn’t agree.