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Galaxy Counters

Posted by Big Boo on November 13th, 2007

Galaxy CountersThe rather poor illustration accompanying this post is supposed to represent the wonderful things that were Galaxy Counters. I believe they were phased out sometime during the 1980’s but don’t know exactly when. Something very similar is still available today as one of the sweets in a packet of Revels, but it’s not quite the same, as you will see.

Imagine a Galaxy Minstrel. Now remove it’s crispy shell to leave just the chocolate inside. This is basically what you get in a packet of Revels. Now stamp a little white number on one side of the chocolate. NOW you have a Galaxy Counter. A small difference maybe, that doesn’t really alter the taste at all, but does make the sweet much more fun for a child to eat. Kids are easily pleased you see. Do you remember the thrill of opening a tube of Smarties to see what letter was on the lid? Well with Galaxy Counters that thrill was multiplied as every sweet had a number printed on it. My sister and I would announce to whoever was listening what number we were about to eat every time we ate one.

If my memory serves me correctly then Galaxy Counters were sold in little white packets, about the same size as a packet of Cadbury’s Buttons. The packets had various pictures of different woodland animals on, such as deers and squirrels. I’m sure there was an orangey red coloured owl wearing a mortar board as well. I have a feeling there may have been a joke or something printed on the packet as well, in the same way that Cadbury’s Buttons had a nursery rhyme on them, but I can’t be sure.