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Posted by Big Boo on November 20th, 2007

ChockyHitting our screens in 1984 was the cult Thames Television kids science fiction show Chocky. Based on the John Wyndham (best known for The Day Of The Triffids) novel of the same name, the television version was adapted and updated for the 1980’s audience by Anthony Read.

The story revolves around a fairly average teenage boy called Matthew. Matthew is an adopted son to his parents, who start to worry when they notice that he appears to be talking to an imaginary friend, after all he’s a bit old for that kind of thing. As it turns out Matthew is not conversing with an imaginary friend at all, but a real live alien visitor called Chocky, who talks to him using a mix of telepathy and appearing as a big wibbly blue vortex thingy. They are even more worried when Matthew gets a fever and is unable to sleep because Chocky keeps talking to him all night, asking him questions about Earth.

The link with Chocky eventually does benefit Matthew though, as his intellectual and artistic skills are enhanced and his school work starts to improve dramatically. Unfortunately news of Matthew’s increased performance at school reaches a shadowy government organisation, who suspect that strange things are afoot. They kidnap Matthew to try and find out what is going on…

Chocky was a very popular series, and was so successful that their were two follow up series made – Chocky’s Children and Chocky’s Challenge. Matthew returned for both these series, but there were other children who had also been contacted by Chocky and become more intelligent. Again there is peril for Matthew and his new found friends as they are tracked by military organisations who believe they can make use of Chocky for their own nefarious ends.

All three series of this great show are available on DVD either individually or as a box set of all three series. It’s good viewing, if you can get past Matthew’s bowl cut hair style…

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