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Button Moon

Posted by Big Boo on November 26th, 2007

Button MoonWe’re off to Button Moon,
We’ll follow Mr. Spoon.

The theme song was straight to the point, no messing about. Button Moon was going to be our destination when we stepped aboard Mr. Spoon’s space rocket. It was aptly named too, being a massive bright yellow button with four holes in the middle.

Button Moon was a puppet show, where most of the puppets and props were made from every day objects. The star of the show was Mr. Spoon, named because his limbs were wooden cooking spoons. I believe his body was a bottle and his hat a funnel. He lived in a giant OXO box house, and he owned a traditionally shaped rocket ship which is how he journeyed to Button Moon.

Mr. Spoon’s daughter was called Tina Teaspoon, and she was constructed in a similar manner to Mr. Spoon. Tina would normally accompany Mr. Spoon on each journey to Button Moon, as would her best friend Eggbert, who’s body was mostly a giant eggcup.

Each trip to Button Moon would begin with everyone getting into the rocket ship, and the narrator would begin a countdown from 5 to 1, ending with “Blast off!”. A brief journey through space would end with the rocket landing on Button Moon, and everyone piling back out.

To be honest, there wasn’t an awful lot on Button Moon. The most commonly seen inhabitants were a ragdoll called Ragdoll, a teddy bear called Tommy (I think), and Mr. Wibbly Wobbly Man, who was one of those baby toys with the rounded bottom that always sprang upright again, a bit like a giant Weeble. He seemed unable to speak without saying “wibble wobble” in a silly voice at least twice.

Mr. Spoon also had a telescope permanently placed on Button Moon, which he would look through at some point during the programme to watch a story taking place, presumably back on the planet from which they had originally come. I remember that looking through the telescope was always accompanied by a wobbly sound from a Swannee Whistle.

After watching the telescope story and having finished talking with Ragdoll and company, everyone would pile back into the rocket, and return home.

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