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Penny Sweets – Lollipops

Posted by Big Boo on November 30th, 2007

LollipopsAnother mainstay of the Penny Sweets selection were the vast array of different types of lollipops that were available to add to your little white paper bag. Lollies tended to be around the 3p price point, so you normally only chose one. we present here some of the options available, though I think all of these are still available today.

Standard boiled sweet lollies. The most simple and common place of lollies were the boiled sweet ones. A large globule of hard candy on the end of the stick, that you had no option but to lick and suck until it became small enough that you could place it between your back teeth and crunch it up. Not particularly good for the teeth, but nice to eat.

Bubble Gum lollies. These consisted of a dollop of chewing gum containing in a boiled sweet outer shell. You sucked the shell for a time until it became thin in enough to crack with your teeth, which then allowed you access to the chewing gum beneath. You would pull this off the stick to eat, but since there were still bits of boiled sweet in it for a while it was quite a crunchy experience.

Melody Pops. Another boiled sweet lolly, but these were a bit more expensive. They were shaped like a whistle, and were hollow. Unsurprisingly given the name, blowing down the end made a whistling sound. I wonder if these sweets were invented before or after the release of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which contained the Toot Sweets song, describing something remarkably similar. Today they have evolved into the Swannee Whistle lolly, that has a plastic plunger in the stick that can be moved up and down to alter the pitch of the whistling noise produced.

Drumsticks. What?! How many drumsticks have you seen that are rectangular? They didn’t exactly look like a chicken drumstick either. However, despite all this they were very tasty, being made of a raspberry and milk flavoured chewy stuff that you had to suck for a while before it became soft enough to bite off a chunk.

Chalky Double lollies. Not sure of the real name of these, but they were a big round chalky looking sweet made in two different colours. Not much to say about these, other than they tended to last for quite a long time.

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