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Posted by Big Boo on December 6th, 2007

SodastreamWhen I was but a child my Mum would only buy us fizzy drinks when there was a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday party. One reason for this was the cost, as fizzy drinks tended to cost a lot more (in relative terms) than they do now, and supermarkets didn’t often have their own brand pop at this time. The other reason was because Mum always said it would blow us up. Of course, I always thought the blowing something up meant a big BOOM and an explosion, so whenever Mum said this I thought it was odd that you would be allowed to drink something that could potentially be explosive. Of course, what she really meant was that it might make us burp a lot…

The introduction of a Sodastream to our household was seen by my sister and myself as a wonderful thing, meaning we now had access to all the Cola, Cherryade and Dandelion and Burdock we could drink. The Sodastream was a big plastic device in which a gas cylinder full of carbon dioxide was inserted. You then filled one of the supplied bottles with water, added some concentrate for the drink you desired, put it in the machine, and pressed the magic fizz button on the top a few times. Voila! When you took the bottle out there was a freshly made fizzy drink just waiting to be slurped through one of the crazy wiggly straws.

Only trouble was the gas cylinders never seemed to last very long, which meant a trek to Boots, as they were the main stockist at the time, with the empty cylinder to buy a new one. I seem to recall you were only allowed to buy a new cylinder if you were taking back an old one. The other problem was with the general build quality of the machines themselves. There was a rubber washer that you screwed the gas cylinder up against to provide an airtight seal. This washer was usually the first thing to go, whereupon the Sodastream would start to leak CO2 instead of directing it into the drink.

Sodastream’s advertising slogan was “Get busy with the fizzy” and they had a great advert with loads of people of all ages enjoying a glass of fizzy pop. It ended with and old woman stating “That’s Fizzy” in a voice obviously too deep to be her own. I’ve embedded it down below for your viewing pleasure.

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