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Shake ‘n’ Vac

Posted by Big Boo on January 29th, 2008

Shake ‘n’ VacHas anybody ever used Glade Shake ‘n’ Vac when vacuuming their house? I never understood the thinking behind a product that causes you to make more mess when tidying up around the house. The product was supposed to bring an air of “freshness” back to your carpet, and the way it achieved this was for you to sprinkle something that looked a bit like talcum powder all over the floor, then hoover it all back up again. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t, I really don’t know, but the product will always be remembered for it’s well remembered (if somewhat cringingly terrible) television advert.

The advert was aired during the mid 1980’s, and I’m willing to bet most people around my age will remember most of the lyrics:-

It’s all you have to do…
You do the Shake ‘n’ Vac and put the freshness back.
Do the Shake ‘n’ Vac and put the freshness back.
If your carpet smells fresh, your room does too.
Everytime you vacuum, remember what to do.
Do the Shake ‘n’ Vac and put the freshness back.

All sung to the backing of a catchy rock ‘n’ roll beat by a “typical housewife” played by actress Jenny Logan as she demonstrated the product by upending it over her front room and running over it with a vacuum whilst dancing about the room. I particular like the first line. No, all I have to do is just vacuum the floor with out making more work and expense for myself my tipping a tub of talc everywhere.

Anyway, you know you want to see it again, don’t you, so check it out below. Altogether now…