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Girl’s World

Posted by Big Boo on February 18th, 2008

Girl’s WorldGirl’s World was a toy that allowed young girls to practice their hair styles and make-up techniques without having to do it on themselves, their friends, or their unwilling siblings. The toy consisted of a fairly scale model of a female human head with long hair, and was available in both blonde and brunette versions. It came with a number of accessories including curlers, hairbrush and some toy lipstick and eye shadow in a few different colours. The happy young beauty technician could then give the head a make over, and if they didn’t like it, wipe it clean and start again.

The pictured Girl’s World is the classic example, but there were also some improvements made over the years. I remember the one my sister had a length of hair which could be pulled out the top of the head and rolled back in again to create styles with various different hair lengths. It also came with some hair dying pens that you could draw on the hair with to colour it. The dye was obviously not permanent and could be washed out when you were finished.

I wonder how many hairdressers and beauty salon employees started out their training with one of these toys?

Girl’s World is still available today, with one version now coming with beads that can be put into the hair as well. There’s also a rather disturbing talking model, that has an animated mouth. The reason I call it disturbing is that when it speaks there’s something that looks decidedly creepy about it. I guess it puts me in mind of Chucky from the Child’s Play films a little bit too much. The idea has also been picked up by other toy manufacturers and there is now also a Barbie branded version of the toy.

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