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Peanut Treats

Posted by Big Boo on March 18th, 2008

Chocolate PeanutsTo start with let us clear up some things. The picture illustrating this post is not one of actual Peanut Treats, it is just your common or garden chocolate peanut. Secondly, Peanut Treats are not the same thing as Peanut M&M’s. Granted they are very similar, almost identical, but to a lover of Treats they are not the same. Thirdly, and I’m less sure of this one, I don’t think they were actually called Peanut Treats – I’m fairly sure they were just called Treats. At any rate, I shall refer to them as such from now on.

As the M&M reference might suggest, Treats were peanuts coated in chocolate which was then in turn surrounded by a crispy outer shell. I have no idea who the manufacturer of these sweets actually was. I’m certain it wasn’t Cadbury’s, and I don’t think it was Mars or Rowntrees either. If anyone out there knows for certain I’d love to know! Please add a comment to this post to put us all out of our misery.

Unlike Peanut M&M’s all Treats were wrapped in just a thin brown crispy shell, not multiple colours. They obviously didn’t have a lower case ‘M’ printed on them either. I believe they had a thicker coating of chocolate than Peanut M&M’s do as well, and it was a much creamier milk chocolate which some people prefer to that used in M&M’s.

There was another variation on the Treats theme, called Caramel Nuts. I believe these were made by yet another manufacturer (again I don’t know who it was) and instead of being coated in chocolate the peanuts were coated in, surprise surprise, caramel. I can’t remember if they were then coated in chocolate, a crispy shell, or both, but I remember I didn’t really like them all that much. The caramel was too hard, and I don’t recall like the taste of it very much for some reason, which is strange because I like most other types of caramel.