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Hands off Nitty Nora!

Posted by Big Boo on March 25th, 2008

Just over a month ago I wrote about Nitty Nora The Bug Explorer, more properly known as the nit nurse. Today a comment was added to this article by Lucy Weis detailing her heart felt crusade to try and stop the term Nitty Nora becoming a trademark of a chemical company. Lucy is hoping to be together a case to block this trademark application, but she needs to do it before April 11th 2008 (that is, in around 2 weeks time).

This website is certainly happy to back Lucy in her efforts, if only for nostalgia sake. I urge any of you that feels the same to both post a comment of support on the article above and also to send Lucy a pledge of support, and any other Nitty Nora related items you may know about. Lucy has set up a website at, and you can e-mail her at, so please give her your support.