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Cadbury Mini Rolls

Posted by Big Boo on March 26th, 2008

Cadbury Mini RollsMmm, Cadbury Mini Rolls. I’ve always loved them, and whilst they aren’t a product of the 1980’s as such (they’ve been around since at least the 1960’s I believe) they were certainly a childhood favourite. What better than your own individual swiss roll, wrapped in chocolate? I’ve always liked the ones with chocolate sponge and white cream filling best, but the plain sponge ones are also nice with their addition of a spreading of strawberry jam. Yum!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about them today is because they have a rather groovy “Blast From The Past” offer running at the moment. It’s one of those “collect the coupons and send off for a free gift” promotions, but they have some great gifts up for grabs. Each packet of six rolls contains a code which you can redeem on the Mini Rolls website for the following gifts:-

  • A Flashing Light Yo-Yo (2 codes)
  • Some Juggling Balls (2 codes)
  • A Mini Rolls Tin (6 codes)
  • A Slinky (6 codes)
  • A CD with hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s (6 codes)
  • A Rubik’s Cube (6 codes)
  • A USB Glitter Lamp (8 codes)
  • An adult size Space Hopper (8 codes)
  • A retro styled Radio (8 codes)

The smaller items are completely free, but the gifts requiring 6 or 8 items require a £2 or £3 postage free respectively. If nothing else, this is a great excuse to gorge yourself on mini rolls!

Have a browse around the above site as well as they have a nice little “relive your youth” section where you can select a year from 1960 to 1999 and it will tell you the top song, TV programme, film, toy and fashion from that year.