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United Biscuits

Posted by Big Boo on April 3rd, 2008

Question MarkLike the Jacob’s Trio, here’s another blast from the past chocolate bar that’s no longer available. It was called United, and I’m presuming it was also manufactured by United Biscuits, though I don’t know for sure. I haven’t been able to track down an image at all, but hopefully this description might jog the old grey cells a little.

The bar itself was divided into three bite size chunks, and consisted, if I remember correctly anyway, of a biscuit base coated in fairly thick chocolate. The chocolate contained little bits of that strange crunchy honeycomby stuff. I’m not sure exactly what you call it, but the closest thing I can compare it to that is currently available in the UK are the crunchy bits in a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Mint or Orange Crunch chocolate bar. I suspect it was actually nothing more than lumps of crystallised sugar, but it could have been little biscuit crumbs perhaps?

Anyway, that’s how I remember them. They were very tasty, and available in two varieties. Original flavour (whatever an “original” is), which was in a blue wrapper, and an orange flavoured one (unsurprisingly in an orange wrapper). The only other thing I remember about them is that the TV advert was based around football fans, given that the name of the biscuit is also an often used shortening for football teams such as Manchester United.

Does anyone else out there remember these?