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Save British Kids TV!

Posted by Big Boo on April 11th, 2008

Badass Wombles of Central ParkLike the campaign to save the phrase Nitty Nora from becoming a trademark of a chemical company (if you’re quick there’s still time to pledge your support to this one today), here’s another campaign we at Child of the 1980’s feel strongly about, covering as we do some of the finest examples of children’s TV (in our opinion) from the 80’s.

The Save British Kids TV campaign has been set up to try and redress the balance in terms of kids television programmes that are made in the UK. It is alleged that only 1% of the programmes aimed at children that are currently shown on British TV have originated in the UK, a statistic I personally find startling and disheartening. Apparently the main UK TV stations, aside from the BBC, have either cut or completely removed from their budgets the commissioning of new programmes aimed at children.

To illustrate the point, a video has been made from old clips of The Wombles, a classic show from the 1970’s (which was still shown a lot in the 1980’s and is still shown today). It’s called Badass Wombles of Central Park, and gives a chilling (and hilarious) example of what The Wombles could have been had it come from the US! Obviously this is a bit of an exaggeration (there are some fine US kid’s shows such as Sesame Street after all) but it makes a good point. You can view it below, or on the campaign website.

If you are a UK citizen then please show your support by signing up to the Number 10 petition and by e-mailing a letter to your MP, both of which are easily achievable via links on the Save British Kids TV website.

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