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Were you a Barbie-Girl or a Sindy-Girl?

Posted by Big Boo on May 17th, 2008

Firstly I’m not going to bother detailing the winner of our previous survey as it turns out I misunderstood the way the survey plug-in I’m using works! I thought only a single survey could be active at any one time, but it seems this is not the case. This is good though, since it means the surveys can carry on indefinitely, which seems like much more fun to me.

This week I’m interested to find out from all the girls whether they consider themselves a fan of those two arch rivals in the dress up doll department, Barbie and Sindy. If you’re a boy then you can always get your better half to vote, or vote for your sister or something.

Of course, if you’re a boy and you happened to have your own Sindy or Barbie doll, then vote for your own particular preference… 😉

Were you a Barbie-girl or a Sindy-girl?
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