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The Nescafé Gold Blend Couple

Posted by Big Boo on May 26th, 2008

Gold Blend CoupleThe Nescafé Gold Blend couple kept the people of the UK on the edge of their seats for the better part of the 1980’s with their “will they won’t they” approach to their relationship. Looking back it has to be said that the TV adverts were pretty cheesey, but it got to a point when people started tuning in to the adverts between shows because it was made known that a new installment in the series was about to air.

Gold Blend itself was Nescafé’s attempt at creating a better tasting instant coffee, and the ads probably played a large part in changing the nations tastes away from the good old cup of tea and over to coffee. The couple were played by Anthony Stewart Head and Sharon Maughan. Anthony Head (he’s dropped the Stewart these days) is today best known for his role as Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and for playing the long suffering Prime Minister in the Little Britain Sebastian sketches, whilst Sharon Maughan can be seen in BBC hospital drama Holby City.

The ads centred around this middle class pair, who were initially nothing more than neighbours in an apartment block. Since they were never given names, I’ll use the actors names to refer to them. In the first ad, Sharon rings on Anthony’s door saying she’s just moved in next door, and is having a dinner party. She’s run out of coffee, can she borrow some? Anthony invites her in and goes to his cupboard and produces his jar of Gold Blend. “Will Gold Blend be too good for your guests?“, he smugly asks.

Perhaps the makers of the adverts saw the word “mug” written down at some point but accidentally read it as “smug”, because the Gold Blend couple were the very definition of smug, especially Anthony Head’s character.

From this initial meeting we then endured a series of almost farcical misunderstandings and situations, all played out with this air of sexual tension hovering above them. He calls at her door to find another man opens it, who predictably turns out to be her brother, as we find out in the next installment. She calls him on the phone in the middle of the night, wanting to see him desperately, but when she arrives finds another woman their (not sure who she was now, but surely they didn’t use the same gag twice by making the other woman his sister?).

Eventually though they finally get it together and share a lingering kiss, before normal service is briefly resumed with Anthony becoming extremely jealous of an Italian man who is showing an interest in Sharon. This led to the final episode in the series, where Anthony finally expresses his love for Sharon. Awww!

Nescafé tried to repeat this success with a new couple after Sharon and Anthony had finally run their course, but the British public had moved on by then, and the new couple never managed to raise to the same heights as the original couple. For some highlights of the entire original Gold Blend Couple series, check out the video below…