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Favourite Australian Soap Opera

Posted by Big Boo on June 7th, 2008

The 1980’s was unquestionably the most popular period for the Australian Soap Opera.  Our screens were full of them from The Young Doctors and The Sullivans to Prisoner Cell Block H and Sons and Daughters – how many of those had you blotted from your memory, eh?  Sorry to drag them back into your mind!

 Of course, the real heat was between the “lunchtime and again at teatime” soaps of Neighbours on BBC1 and Home and Away on ITV.  Both appealed to teenagers due to having several teenage characters, a member of the Minogue family, and lots of Aussie slang (Rack off! I saw you playing hookie this alvo, you dag).  Funny now how they’ve both been relegated to Channel 5.  Anyway, this weeks survey question is…

Which was your favourite Lunchtime and Again at Teatime Aussie Soap?
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