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Rainbow Drops

Posted by Big Boo on June 13th, 2008

Rainbow DropsUpon doing the grocery shopping the other day I happened to notice a packet of Rainbow Drops on the shelf, so remembering them from my childhood I picked up a packet to see if my memories of them still held true.

Well, my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me, and they are just as I remember, except for being sold in a packet which I’m sure must be at least twice the size it used to be. I’m sorry to say I was never the biggest fan of these, and I still don’t find them that appealing today truth be told. Rainbow drops are, to quote the packet, “sugar coated puffed maize and rice”, which translates to “sugar coated pieces of polystyrene” in my book. They need to be sugar coated as well because without this sweetening layer they would be incredibly bland.

There are two issues I have with Rainbow Drops. Firstly, and albeit a minor point, they may have rainbow in the name but they only come in five colours, these being pink, orange, yellow, green and violet. Now, pink certainly isn’t a colour of the rainbow, and what’s happened to red, blue and indigo?

Secondly is the fact that Rainbow Drops have always tricked me into thinking they must taste much nicer than they do. They look appealing, being brightly coloured and with an interesting knobbly look, and you get loads in a packet, but they always seem so disappointing to actually eat…

If for some reason you hanker after these still (why?) then you’ll be pleased to learn that Rainbow Drops are still available from A Quarter Of.