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Seven Again’s Box of Childhood Nostalgia

Posted by Big Boo on July 9th, 2008

Seven Again GiftboxIf you want to relive your childhood with the minimum of fuss then look no further than the excellent Box of Childhood Nostalgia that has been put together by the people at the Seven Again web store. They also stock a wide variety of items from modern day versions of board games you might have had as a child to penny sweets and classic 1980’s movies, but the nostalgia box is a bit good as it brings a collection of old favourites together for a shade under fifteen quid.

Here’s a list of what you get for your cash.

  • Classic Kids TV DVD – featuring episodes of Jamie and the Magic Torch, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Dangermouse, Rainbow, Button Moon and Count Duckula.
  • A Slinky – the only time you were allowed to play on the stairs!
  • Some Play Doh – I remember my Mum used to make play dough herself. I wonder if she still has the recipe? Anyway, this is a much easier way to go clay modelling again than messing about in the kitchen.
  • A couple of Penny Racers – pull back and watch ’em go.
  • A Polystyrene Glider – I loved these, and they fly surprisingly well.
  • A Magic Drawing Slate – Much more eco friendly than a pad of paper.
  • Some Penny Sweets – Yum! What more can I say!
  • A Mini Click and Catch – This was a cone with a switch on the side and a ping pong ball. You put the ball in the cone and press the switch which launches it skyward. You then have to try and catch the ball in the cone again when it comes down.
  • An Animal Pop Up – Totally useless, but great fun. A plastic animal on a spring with a sucker. You push the sucker against the base which slowly comes unstuck allowing the animal to leap into the air.
  • A Fortune Fish – This is one of those cellophane fish that you sometimes get in Christmas crackers that you put on your hand and they curl up, which normally means you are “fickle”.

Pretty exciting huh? I know I owned pretty much all of those toys in some form or another when I was growing up, and I’m sure you did too. I was pretty excited when I saw it simply because I’ve written about most of the above on this very website, so it was pleasing to know that what I fondly remember from my childhood is still fondly remembered by others as well.

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