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Most Wanted Cool Black Vehicle

Posted by Big Boo on July 19th, 2008

The 1980’s spawned some great TV shows abour super charged, high technology vehicles, which were almost always black in colour. Knight Rider is surely the best known example, with KITT the amazing talking car with turbo boost, bullet proof body work and a built in Mattel Intellivision! Then there was Airwolf, the heavily armed and stupendously speedy helicopter, and of course Street Hawk the motorbike, again capable of crazy speeds and fitted with all manner of weapons.

There’s no doubt that any of these vehicles would make your journey to work each day much more enjoyable, and would certainly turn some heads (especially parking a helicopter in the car park) but which of these would you most like to own yourself?

Which highly advanced and very black vehicle would you like to own most?
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