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Rubik’s Cube Clock

Posted by Big Boo on August 1st, 2008

rubik clockThe Rubik’s Cube was one of the top toys from the 1980’s, and indeed is still made and sold today, and is just as infuriating to solve as it ever was. Nowadays however there is a new edition to the Rubik’s Cube family, but instead of being a puzzle this one is a little more useful. Introducing the Rubik Cube Clock, which is available from Gobaz. UPDATE! Gobaz have closed and I have been unable to find another source for this!

It may actually be slightly larger than a real Rubik’s Cube, but it certainly looks the part. The middle row of one of the faces has been replaced with an LCD display, with the bottom row being buttons that allow you to adjust the time. The best bit though is that the top slice rotates just like a real Rubik’s Cube, and this allows you to switch between the different functions provided.

Obviously the clock mode is the most common feature you’ll use, after all why else would you buy a clock? The Cube Clock can also display the current date, the time its alarm has been set for and even the current room temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

All in all I reckon this would make an excellent gift for any Child of the 1980’s, so long as they don’t get confused and try to cheat by pulling off the stickers or prising it apart with a screwdriver. :-)