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Favourite Modelling Material?

Posted by Big Boo on August 2nd, 2008

Earlier this week I presented my Mum’s recipe for homemade Play Dough. In the post I talked about both Play Dough, which tended to be a little softer to mould but didn’t stick together as well, and Plasticene, which required some effort to get moulding but was easier to blend together. Who remembers playing with the plasticene at school that had had several colours all merged together so you ended up with a psychedelic marbled effect?

This weeks survey is to find out which of these two modelling materials people preferred playing with. Were you happy to just squidge Play Dough through your fingers or through one of those machines that turned it into wormy spaghetti, or did you prefer the more intricate modelling abilities of Plasticene?

Which did you prefer to play with?
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