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Birthday Party Games – Part 2

Posted by Big Boo on August 13th, 2008

pin the tail on the donkeyWelcome to part two of our list of classic childrens birthday party games (for part one click here). I’m sure you’ll have many happy memories of playing some of these…

Pin the Tail on the Donkey – You can buy Pin the Tail on the Donkey sets, or you can make one yourself – and not necessarily using a donkey. You could have Pin the Beard on the Santa for festive themed parties, or Pin the Bow Tie on the Clown if you want something a bit easier to draw than a donkey.

Traditionally though, a picture of a donkey with no tail is put on a wall, and each child takes a turn at pinning a paper tail onto the donkey. This is made more difficult by the child being blindfolded and spun round a few times to make them lose their bearings. The player who manages to pin the tail closest to the correct position is the winner.

The Chocolate Game – This is great fun for a smaller party of older children. You will need a tray, a large bar of chocolate, a wooly hat, scarf and gloves, a knife and fork and a die. All the items are placed on the tray initially, and each player takes it in turns to roll the die. If they get a six they must put on the hat, scarf and gloves, then use the knife and fork to cut up and eat the bar of chocolate. Meanwhile all the other players are frantically trying to roll a six so that they can pull all the items off the other player and have their attempt at the chocolate. The game ends when all the chocolate is gone, with the winner being the one who managed to consume the most chocolate!

Charades – Another game for older kids. Everybody knows how to play charades, or as the popular TV show called it Give Us A Clue, but doesn’t necessarily know all the shortcut mimes such as drawing a box with your fingers to represent a television show, or holding your thumb and forefinger close together to indicate a small word. Players must try and mime the title of a well known book, film, song or TV show to the other players, usually within a time limit. This was a particularly exasperating game when you just couldn’t make people understand that your completely obvious mime for Star Wars kept being guessed as The Sound of Music, especially when you clearly indicated at the beginning a two word title!

Monster Drawing – A good one for exercising children’s imagination and drawing skills. Each child is given a piece of paper and a pencil and asked to draw a head for a monster. When done they fold the paper over so that only the end of the monsters neck are visible, and everyone swaps their sheet of paper with another player. Each player then draws a body on the sheet of paper they currently have, and fold down again to leave the bottom of the body showing. The papers are swapped once more, and a set of legs added to each drawing. When everyone has finished drawing, all the papers are unfolded to reveal a normally hilarious set of preposterous creatures.

Squeak Piggy Squeak – One player is designated the farmer and is blindfolded. All the other players then find somewhere to sit. An adult guides the farmer to one of the other players who becomes the pig, and the farmer must say “Squeak Piggy Squeak“. The pig player must then say “Squeak Squeak” trying to disguise their normal voice as much as possible, and the farmer must try and guess who the pig is. If they get it right then the pig becomes the new farmer, otherwise they are directed to another player to become the pig.

Sardines – This was kind of like a reverse hide and seek, and really needed your house to have a lot of large hiding places where more than one person could hide at a time, such as underneath a bed or in a wardrobe, so your parents didn’t have to mind a group of kids charging round the house hiding in possibly inappropriate places. The rules were as follows. One player went off to find a place to hide, and everybody else split up to try and find them. When anybody found the hider than joined them in their hiding place. By the time three or four kids were all trying to hide in the same place it was fairly obvious where the name of the game came from, as they were squashed in like sardines in a tin. An odd game this one as it’s hard to declare a winner really, as the last person left seeking could hardly be called the winner.