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Golden Raspberries…

Posted by Big Boo on August 13th, 2008

Golden RaspberriesTaking a quick break from our birthday celebrations this week, I saw this in the paper this morning and just had to write about it. The other week I wrote about Screwball Ice Creams, and as part of that post I had a little rant about the prevalence of raspberry flavoured foods being coloured blue for some bizarre reason. Raspberries are a dark pinkish red, I argued, not blue!

Shows how much I know!

Apparently Sainsbury’s have started selling Golden Raspberries. Yep, you read it correctly. Presumably by meddling with raspberry genes (do raspberries have genes – is it called that in plants?) scientists have created yellow raspberries. And the primary reason for all this scientific tomfoolery? So they won’t cause stains. Lame excuse guys. I must say I’m with the anti-GM foods brigade on this one – what a waste of effort. Just be more careful when eating them!

I must admit when reading this in the newspaper this morning I figured I must have fallen asleep for several months and woken up on April Fool’s Day. Can anybody confirm a sighting of these abominations of nature in their local Sainsbury’s?