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Chasing The Eighties

Posted by Big Boo on August 18th, 2008

Chasing the EightiesNow this sounds like a lot of fun. A group of three guys from the UK all nearing their thirtieth birthdays decided it was time to try and recapture their youth by embarking on a three month roadtrip around America trying to track down the people and places that they loved from the films and TV shows they watched when growing up.

Their 30,000 mile trek across the US saw them meet the voice of Short Circuit’s Johnny 5, Dwight Schultz (Murdoch from The A Team) and Chunk from The Goonies, as well as visit the locations (and try to recreate scenes) for films such as Dirty Dancing, Stand By Me and The Karate Kid.

For some excerpts of the trip, visit the website Chasing The Eighties, which has some video diaries and other gems from the 1980’s. A book detailing the exploits of the trio is soon to be released, also entitled Chasing The Eighties, which I’m certainly looking forward to reading on its release.

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