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Chewing Nuts

Posted by Big Boo on August 21st, 2008

Chewing NutsFirstly, many thanks to one of our readers, Graham, for reminding me of these sweets.

I have absolutely no idea why some bright spark decided to name these sweets Chewing Nuts. The “Chewing” part of the title is fairly apt, but the “Nuts” part is a bit misleading, since these things didn’t actually contain nuts of any kind. The only reason I can think of is that they look a little bit like and were about the same size as hazelnuts?

Chewing Nuts were actually dollops of toffee coated in chocolate. Upon popping one in your mouth you first had to suck all the chocolate off to get to the toffee, and then had to suck a great deal more in order to soften the toffee sufficiently to start chewing it. Oh yes, the hardness of the toffee was legendary, and made the humble Chewing Nut a king when it came to destroying dental work.

These sweets are a great example of the sort you bought by weight from those jars kept behind the counter in your local newsagent or sweetie shop, and the good news for those that want to pull out all their fillings whilst rediscovering these sweets is that they are still available from online sweetie shop A Quarter Of.

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