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Best Blue Peter Presenter

Posted by Big Boo on August 30th, 2008

Amazingly Blue Peter has been running for 50 years come October this year, and whilst I haven’t seen it recently I can’t imagine it has changed a whole lot – I just hope it still has the same theme song! Anyway, this weeks survey is to find out who was the most popular Blue Peter presenter during the 1980’s. The list below should be a complete list of all the presenters who were on the show during this period, and I find it surprising how many of them are still well known today, although not always for good reasons.

Caron Keating died of cancer in 2004, whilst John Leslie has had some pretty severe allegations levelled against him for rape. Peter Duncan is currently leader of the Boy Scouts, whilst Yvette Fielding is now better known for trying to track down ghosts in Most Haunted. If you know what any of the others have been up to recently (maybe you are one of them!) then feel free to post a comment below to let us all know!

The best Blue Peter presenter from the 1980s was?
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