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Guess Who?

Posted by Big Boo on September 4th, 2008

guess who boardgameGuess Who? is a wonderfully simple yet incredibly enjoyable boardgame that was first launched by Milton Bradley in the UK in 1979.  It went on to become one of the decades most popular games, and was eventually launched in the US in 1982.

Each player has a game board containing images of 24 named charicatures which are on little plastic flippers.  A random card with a picture of one of the characters is drawn by each player, and put in a little slot at the front of their playing board.  Players now take turns asking questions to try and discover which character their opponents card shows.

Questions can only be asked that have a yes or no answer, so you had to say “Does your person have black hair?” instead of “What colour hair do they have?”.  By being clever about the questions you asked you could then eliminate certain characters by flipping down their image if their attributes didn’t match the answer to your question.  The trick was to try and ask questions that no matter which answer was provided, eliminated a decent proportion of the remaining characters.

Ultimately though the game normally got to a situation where one player had but a single flipper left standing.  In this case the other player often took a stab at guessing their opponents character for their next question.

The game has been updated a number of times over the years, and has also had some special editions created such as one with characters from The Simpsons.  If you have an old copy knocking around in the back of a cupboard somewhere then why not try making a personalised version of the game using your digital camera?  I came across a post on my mate’s blog Coolest Gadgets showing you how to go about it.  If you don’t have a copy of the game already then you can get one from online store Seven Again.

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