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The Best Type of Penny Sweet

Posted by Big Boo on September 6th, 2008

Good old penny sweets.  Nothing beats that little white paper bag chock full of little sweets of various kinds.  I’ve written about many of these before – here are a selection to remind yourself with!

The only problem these days is finding a shop that still sells them in the old fashioned way, letting you pick and choose.  Mind you, that does give you an excuse to over indulge I suppose!  Try visiting A Quarter Of to find loads of sweets you had probably forgotten all about!

Anyway, to this weeks survey.  Just as agonising as deciding how to spend your ten pence – which penny sweet type was your favourite?  There are obviously far too many to list so instead I’ve gone with a good representative of each category.

What type of penny sweet do you like most?
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