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Short Circuit 2

Posted by Big Boo on September 17th, 2008

Short Circuit 2 was made in 1988 and is an interesting sequel to the original 1986 movie.  I remembered it as being not as good as the original, like most sequels, but having watched it again the other day I must admit it was much better than I thought it was.

The film provides further adventures for Number 5, now called Johnny 5, the self aware robot.  Whilst the two main human characters, Stephanie and Newton do not return for this film, the hilarious Ben Jahrvi does return.  At this point I should say it is probably a little wrong of me to enjoy Ben so much, seeing as he is an Indian character played by a made up white actor, but Fisher Stevens delivery of Ben’s mixed up attempt at the English language is rather funny.

The film opens with Ben trying to make a living for himself by building toy versions of Number 5, which he tries to sell on a street corner, with little success.  One of the toys escapes his stall, and ends up in the hands of Sandy Banatoni, a toy buyer for a department store.  She asks Ben if he can deliver 1000 of the toy robots to her for the Christmas market, a task which Ben will find impossible on his own.  However, Fred, the hawker of fake Rolex watches stood next to him gets involved, seeing the opportunity to make a quick buck.

Fred goes to a loan shark and gets the cash to fund Ben’s business, setting him up with a bunch of homeless people as staff and some run down premises that are due for demolition.  Unknown to Fred however, there are a couple of criminals in the buildings basement digging a tunnel, for across the road from the building is a bank in which a priceless collection of jewels is being stored.  The criminals are hoping to blast their way into the banks vault to steal the gems.

The criminals realise that they need to get rid of Ben and Fred, so turn up and wreck the joint, putting the robot production pipeline back to square one.  Luckily though, a large crate arrives for Ben, which contains our robotic hero Johnny 5!  The robots are soon being put together at an incredible pace by Johnny 5 himself, and when the criminals return to try and get rid of them again, Johnny 5 sends them packing.

Up to now Johnny 5 has been kept inside the building, but when he discovers he is in a city he goes off in search of “input”, exploring the city. He befriends a man named Oscar who works in the bank holding the gems, but as it turns out Oscar is actually one of the bad guys, and is in league with the two tunnel digging criminals.

Eventually, the criminals kidnap Fred and Ben, locking them up in a Chinese Restaurant cold storage room, and Oscar convinces Johnny 5 to complete the digging of the tunnel by telling him that he has a plan to keep Ben safe.  Our robot chum eventually realises he has been misled, and flees from Oscar and the criminals, but they eventually catch him and attack him, leaving him to “die” in a broken pile.

Having been rescued from the icy prison by Sandy, Ben and Fred return to their building to find the police emerging from their basement.  Fred gets away and goes looking for Johnny 5, eventually finding him and helping to repair him so that the robot can track down the criminals and bring them to justice.

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