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Tooty Frooties / Tooty Minties

Posted by Big Boo on September 22nd, 2008

I had another of my lucky finds again when doing the grocery shopping the other day (or so I thought) when I spied a packet of Tooty Frooties on the shop shelf.  I remember really enjoying these as a child so a packet was swiftly swept into the trolley and my mouth began to water with the thought of tasting those fruit flavoured square chewy sweets with the crispy outer coating again.  Yum!

However, I was more than a little dismayed when I got home and opened the packet.  Out dropped four rather small packets of sweets, far smaller than I remember them being.  Oh well, must be funsize bags or something I thought to myself (as an aside, why do they call small packets funsize?  A big packet is surely much more fun…)

I ripped a packet open and out tumbled something resembling the familiar square shaped chewy sweets I loved as a kid.  The sweets too had mysteriously shrunk in size to be around half what I remember them being.  I took another look at the packet at this point to check I hadn’t missed any words like “mini” or “micro” that might explain this size discrepancy, but found nothing except the word “NEW” printed on the corner of the packet.

I assume therefore that the Tooty Frooties I knew and loved must have been phased out a few years back, and have now been brought back in this new form.  Thankfully I can state that the sweets themselves still taste very nice and are as chewy as I remembered them, but I’m severely disappointed by the size of them.

Taking another look at the outer packet I checked to see if the sister sweet, Tooty Minties, had also been relaunched.  These were the same shape and size and just as crispy and chewy, but were white and shades of green in colour and obviously mint in taste.

Unfortunately the mints don’t appear to have been relaunched according to the Tooty Frooties packaging, but a further stabbing fear was introduced when I saw that Dolly Mixtures were also available, but they too had a little NEW logo emblazoned next to them.  I will have to seek out some Dolly Mixtures now hoping that they haven’t reduced these in size as well, as they were small enough to start with…

If you have yearning for some Tooty Frooties then they are available from A Quarter Of.