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Monster Munch

Posted by Big Boo on September 23rd, 2008

Following on from yesterdays post about Tooty Frooties, another favourite snack from the 1980’s which is still around today albeit in altered form is Monster Munch (though read on to find out about the planned re-release of the snack in its original form).  Personally I wasn’t that big a fan of them (I know, that’s tantamount to heresy to some people) but I did hold the sheer size of the things in awe and I loved the television adverts for them featuring the large muppet style monsters.

Monster Munch were first launched in 1977 by Smith’s crisps, and were instantly popular with kids because they were inexpensive yet you got a lot of snack for your money.  They were made from puffed corn, with each crisp being too large to fit in most kids mouths in a single bite.

The original line up of flavours was Pickled Onion, Roast Beef and “Saucy”, which was quite a strange set of varieties at the time, when Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar ruled the roost.  Each flavour of crisp was represented by a different monster on the packet, my favourite being the long necked pink monster with the massive tongue that reached into the packet to withdraw a crisp.  The shape was often referred to as being that of a monsters foot, but there were in fact two shapes, both representations of two of the monster clan – the pink monster with his long tongue, and the one eyed monster.

In 1995 the crisp manufacturing behemoth that is Walkers bought out Smiths and promptly redesigned Monster Munch, making them smaller in size and redesigning the monsters on the packets.  Walkers seem to have bought up and fiddled with many of their snacks over the years, usually for the worse.  For this reason some people may find changing the “L” in Walkers to another letter might be apt, although I shall refrain, this being a family website! :-)

Actually, to be fair Walkers weren’t all that bad to Monster Munch, they did come up with the intriguing Vanilla Ice Cream flavour at one point, and somehow managed to make them so that they turned your tongue blue when you ate them.  They’ve also finally seen the light since Monster Munch are set to return to our shops in their original form, monsters included, even if it is only temporarily.

Here’s one of the original TV adverts for you to enjoy.  It’s almost a shame that we won’t get this sort of advert any more with the new UK regulations about advertising food to kids…