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Henry’s Cat

Posted by Big Boo on September 26th, 2008

Henry’s Cat was a slightly overweight looking, bright yellow animated feline who, like many cats, was a bit on the lazy side most of the time.  His favourite hobbies were eating Jelly Baby sandwiches and day dreaming (often about eating Jelly Baby sandwiches).

His best friend was Chris Rabbit, a rather hyperactive blue bunny who had obviously had one too many glasses of orange squash.  Chris Rabbit would bound furiously around the screen filling Henry’s Cat’s head with barmy notions about doing strange activities, which the hapless cat usually ended up carrying out.

Whilst he had a great many other friends including Douglas Dog and Sammy Snail, he also had a number of enemies, foremost of which was the villainous Rum Baa Baa, who was unsurprisingly given the name a sheep.  Quite why Rum Baa Baa was so against our feline friend I really don’t know, but he was always hatching schemes to get the better of the yellow puss.  There was also the permanently bright pink faced Farmer Giles who had it in for Henry’s Cat, usually urging law keeper Constable Bulldog to arrest him.

Henry’s Cat first hit our screens in 1982, initially starring in short 5 minute adventures.  By the third series the average episode was more like 15 minutes in length, although the number of episodes in a series also dropped drastically.  The series was created by Stan Haywood and was produced by Bob Godfrey Films, who were also responsible for the classic cartoon Roobarb, as is evident by the animation style of the two series, both being drawn in a wobbly, not quite coloured in properly way.

Of course the big unanswered question about Henry’s Cat remains.  Just who was Henry?

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