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Sport Billy

Posted by Big Boo on October 6th, 2008

Sport Billy (He’s a hero from another planet, as the theme music stated) was a cartoon series that aired in the early 1980’s in the UK and US.  It was originally made in 1979 by Filmation for the German market, as Sport Billy was originally a comic book character who was popular there.

The series was about a young boy named Sport Billy who came from a planet called Olympus, a place that was modelled around the myths of the ancient Greek Gods.  Sport Billy was sent to Earth to try and stop the evil green skinned Queen Vanda, a hater of fair play, and her henchman Snipe from removing all sports from history.

Sport Billy is aided in his task by his friend Lily and his talking dog Willy (why is it all these cartoon characters end up having talking dogs?).  Since Queen Vanda is trying to destroy sports the only way for her to do so is travel back in time to when the sport in question was first invented.  Sport Billy therefore has a big yellow spaceship/time machine combination, that looked something like a giant alarm clock with a big winding key sticking out the back, which he used to track Vanda and stop her in her tracks.

To further aid him in his adventures Sport Billy was also equipped with his Omni-Sack.  This must have been constructed on Gallifrey, as it had some real Tardis like abilities.  Basically the Omni-Sack was a kind of gym bag, but a very magical one.  Firstly it could reduce in size so that Sport Billy could stash it away in his trouser pocket.  Secondly, once opened Sport Billy could reach inside and pull out some sporting related item to solve his current dilemma.  Tennis rackets, footballs and even sports cars could all be produced from inside the bag, with the items themselves also growing in size to their correct dimensions once removed from the Omni-Sack.  Pretty cool huh?

In total 26 episodes of Sport Billy were made, though to date they have yet to appear on DVD.  Each episode generally revolved around a particular sport that had to be saved from Queen Vanda, thus illustrating to viewers the importance of such things as fair play, friendship and teamwork, all the kinds of things that most sports require in order for you to be successful at them.