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Cadbury Wispa

Posted by Big Boo on October 13th, 2008

Cadbury’s Wispa first appeared in 1981, but only as a limited trial run product in the north east of England.  It proved popular enough during the trial that it was launched nation wide in 1983, and rapidly became one of the most popular chocolate bars of the decade.

The bar consisted of Cadbury’s famous Dairy Milk chocolate, but it had gas passed through it during manufacture that caused it to go all bubbly on the inside.

It was initially advertised on TV by various well known comedy double acts, including Jan Francis and Paul Nicholas from Just Good Friends and Ruth Madoc and Simon Cadell from Hi-De-Hi (see ad embedded below this post).  I’m also pretty sure Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones did an ad in the style of one of their talking heads sketches.

Over the years new variations of the Wispa were also brought to market, such as Wispa Gold, that had a layer of caramel in the top of it, and Wispaccino which had coffee flavoured chocolate.  There was also Wispa Bite  which had a caramel and biscuit filling and Wispa Mint, which unsurprisingly had a gooey mint filling.

In 2003, after flagging sales of Wispa, the bar disappeared from our shelves, although not actually entirely.  At the time Cadbury suddenly reinvigorated their range of Dairy Milk chocolate bars, and one of the varieties was Dairy Milk Bubbly.  Whilst this bar was split into chunks, meaning it wasn’t a true Wispa, the chocolate itself was pretty much identical.

Annoyed fans of the Wispa started to campaign for its return however, and a limited production was launched in late 2007, with Cadbury’s saying they would consider a full Wispa revival if it proved popular.  It obviously did, since McDonalds recently featured a Wispa McFlurry and the Wispa bar itself has now been spotted back on shop shelves.  Personally, I would suggest there are far better sweets to bring back, Pacers being one, and Galaxy Counters another.  Anyway, I always preferred Aero…