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Terry’s Pyramint

Posted by Big Boo on October 23rd, 2008

Here’s a bit of an obscure UK sweet that I bet most of you will have forgotten about.  The Terry’s Pyramint.  It was about the time that sweet manufacturers suddenly realised how popular Cadbury’s Creme Egg had become, and a plethora of cream/fondant or toffee filled egg products came on the market, many of which are still popular in the Easter period today.

Terry’s, better known for the gorgeous Chocolate Orange, noticed this too, but figured why limit your sales to Easter by making the sweet egg shaped?  They came up with the Pyramint, a product where surely the name must have been devised more the sweet itself.  The Pyramint was a plain chocolate pyramid shape filled with a really tasty mint fondant filling.  It came in a little pyramid shaped cardboard box and I remember them being extremely nice.

The Pyramint was very successful on launch but sadly didn’t stay on shop shelves for very long and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.  As I recall the Pyramint wasn’t the cheapest of sweets and for the money you got something that didn’t last long enough and was actually quite tricky to eat due to its unusual shape.  A real shame, and a personal favourite that I would love to see again.

Apologies for yet another of my rather lame drawings, but photo evidence of this delicious morsel seems pretty hard to come by…

…Update 26/10/08!  Thanks to Emma Burns who proves if you look hard enough you’ll find what you want.  She’s kindly pointed me at the rather excellent tellyAds site, which happens to have a video of a Terry’s Pyramint advert.  I’d forgotten about this ad, and unless I’m mistaken it features the voice talents of both Leslie Phillips and Kenneth Williams!