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Kola Kubes

Posted by Big Boo on October 29th, 2008

Good old Cola Cubes, or Kola Kubes if you wanted to be completely correct!  These surely are kings amongst boiled sweets.  Chunks of cola flavoured boiled sweet that have been covered in an outer sugary layer for good measure, they last ages if you suck them, and taste delicious, although couldn’t really be considered that great for your teeth I suppose.

Kola Kubes were one of those sweets that were generally bought from jars stacked on shelves behind the counter in your local sweetie shop.  Normally sold by the quarter pound (EU rules on metric had yet to be introduced in the 1980’s, which was good as asking for 113.398 grams of Kola Kubes sounds a bit stupid) you simply asked the shop assistant for the sweet of your choice and they would tip them out of the jar into some scales, then tip the sweets into a little white paper bag.

There was one problem with Kola Kubes though.  They were just sooooo tasty that one was never enough.  Once you had finished one cubic chunk of sweetie heaven another invariably popped its way into your mouth.  Why was this a problem?  Well, after 4 or 5 sweets the top of your mouth could easily become quite sore thanks to a combination of the acidic nature of the sweets, and the fact the edges of the cubes could become quite sharp once you had sucked the sugary layer off.  The corners could also inflict nasty damage to your upper palette if you sucked them too hard!

The sweets were not only available in cola flavoured varieties.  I have fond memories of a pineapple variety which were just as nice.  You may not realise however that there were actually two different types of Kola Kube.  The cheaper type was just solid boiled sweet throughout, but the original Kola Kube manufactured by Pascalls (now part of Trebor Basset) had a chewy centre in the middle which was absolutely brilliant at sticking little bits of boiled sweet to your teeth in many hard to reach places.  You can relive this joy by visiting A Quarter Of, where you can get an entire 3kg jar of these tasty sweets!