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Posted by Big Boo on November 12th, 2008

I was reminded the other day about Poochie by my sister, who had one of these cute little cuddly toy dogs when she was a child. I’m not sure exactly what kind of breed of dog Poochie was meant to be, after all no dogs I’m aware of have pink fur, but I would guess a poodle would probably be the best match!

Poochie was a little white dog with pink ears and paws, as the TV advert for it was keen to point out. Funnily enough once my sister had reminded me of the toy we both remembered the jingle from the advert, which went like this:-

Poochie, oh Poochie (Poochie Woo)
Lovely little Poochie
Oh your ears are pink and your paws are too
Everybody seems to fall in love with you

One other thing my sister remembered about her Poochie was that it had a paw print stamp on one of its legs, and that you could push down on its head and make its ears pop up.  Looking at the image accompanying this post neither of these features would appear to be the case, but I think there was another version of it with a plastic body that had brushable ears, something like the mane on a My Little Pony.

Ultimately Poochie was one of those passing fad toys that is popular one minute and gone the next, but that didn’t stop the little pink and white puppy from appearing on the usual array of bedspreads and lunchboxes, and apparently (according to a quick search on eBay) a range of stampers.  Poochie also got her own obligatory cartoon adventure, but I must admit that one passed both my sister and me by.