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The Ready Brek Orange Glow

Posted by Big Boo on November 18th, 2008

I was watching TV last night and happened upon a new advert for Ready Brek, the instant porridge cereal (oatmeal to our US readers).  What caught my eye was the fact that Weetabix, the manufacturers of Ready Brek, have brought back the concept of the orange glow, which was how the product was advertised during the 1980s.

The idea that the adverts tried to get across was that a bowl of Ready Brek in the morning for breakfast set a child up for the day by keeping them warm and full of energy, at least until lunch time anyway.

The average ad consisted of a child eating his or her Ready Brek at the kitchen table, whereupon they would be surrounded by a bright orange glow, making them look as though they were radiating heat.  There would then be several scenes of the child leaving the house and performing tasks, such as going to school, whilst having to brave harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind.

These adverts didn’t often do a lot to promote Britain as a cheery place though, as they were quite often set in quite drab looking locations, with a lot of cobbled streets or gas towers in the background.  Presumably this was to allow the bright orange glow around the child to really stand out, whilst also adding to the suggestion of harsh weather conditions.

Ready Brek used a couple of different slogans over the years.  Initially it was dubbed “Central heating for kids” but given that once eaten the heat it provided was probably fairly minimal the slogan was eventually changed to the more punny “Get up and glow with Ready Brek“.

Below is an example of a later Ready Brek advert, cashing in on the popularity of the body popping dance craze.  I’m sure the young lad doing all the funky moves would cringe if he were to see the advert again today!  If you want to see the latest Ready Brek advert, which would suggest the cereal also provides you with magic powers, then take a look here.  One issue I do have with the new advert is that the mother may not be as caring as she first appears, since there is clearly a little girl sat at the breakfast table too, yet she is nowhere to be seen when mother and son leave the house!  Who’s looking after the poor little thing whilst her brother gets to play football and ride a virtual reality horse?