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Great Eighties Themed Gifts

Posted by Big Boo on November 25th, 2008

With Christmas Day being just a month away I thought it might be nice to give you some gift ideas for the 1980’s fan in your life (or even for yourself!).  When writing your letter to Father Christmas then, why not consider the following items.  You can even save yourself a bit of cash on the items from Firebox by clicking the banner in the right hand column of this very site, which will let you claim a free £5 money off voucher!

The Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set from Firebox allows you to recreate the old weather forecasts in all their glory in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Little clouds, snow flakes and lightning bolts are included to give your fridge it’s own “cold front”.

Sticking with Firebox we have the My Own Morph kit that lets you make your very own version of Morph. Apparently new recruits at Aardman Animation have to make a Morph as part of their induction, so why not get a head start if you fancy a job there?

I wrote about this just the other day, but I really like the D&G Medicine Man Watch for its cool retro looks. Show it to kids these days and they’ll probably laugh at you when you explain test cards used to be shown when there were no programmes on TV! Available from Goldsmiths.

Seven Again have a great range of 1980’s (and 1970’s for that matter) themed giftboxes in both male and female versions. Typical contents include a DVD of some relevant children’s TV, some sweets and a few little pocket money toys from the era.

Another great value and quality gift is the 80's Sweets Gift Box from A Quarter Of. It contains some Wispa bars, bubble gum, fizzy cola bottles, drumstick lollies, Love Hearts and much much more, and comes in a sturdy wooden box you’ll want to keep once all the sweeties have long gone.

Love Hearts are great sweeties but you can also get them in jewellery form, so what better gift to give the love of your life than a Sterling Silver Love Hearts necklace? Failing that why not got some Personalised Mini-tubes of the tasty fizzy sweets to out on the Christmas tree?

Going back to Firebox again there’s the rather nifty USB memory stick shaped like a Lego brick which can actually be used as a Lego brick too, so be careful not to get it mixed up with your real Lego if you have any! Available in blue, yellow and red and in healthy capacities of 2GB or 4GB!

The Police Academy films may have a bit of a stigma attached to them in terms of quality, but the first one at least wasn’t half bad really. Watch the movies get steadily worse by picking up the Police Academy 7 Disc Box Set from Amazon – currently available for a knock down price of under 20 quid! (I wonder why).

Fancy something to read instead? Chasing the Eighties will get you reminiscing about old movies and TV shows as you follow the journey of three friends on an epic road trip around North America tracking down film locations and some of the stars from the 1980’s (including some from Police Academy!)

Finally, one of the most iconic toys of the 1980’s is the Rubik Cube, but you probably still have a bunch of them in the attic somewhere gathering dust. Instead, why not invest in the far more useful Rubik’s Cube Clock, available from Vat19.

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