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Bird’s Instant Hot Crunch Puddings

Posted by Big Boo on November 28th, 2008

Before I begin, the image accompanying this post is most definitely not a bowl of Bird’s Instant Hot Crunch Pudding, but it’s the closest I could find so it will have to do.

Bird’s are best known for their instant custard powder (quite how a pink powder generates a yellow custard is a mystery to me!) but in the 1980’s they also made a wide range of other instant pudding mix products.  They still make the lovely Angel Delight today, and of course Trifle mixes, but back then they also had a range of packet mousses (if memory serves me right) and also these hot puddings.

The Hot Crunch Pudding came in a packet containing two sachets.  The first contained a powder which when mixed with hot water from the kettle became a gloopy custard like pudding.  Once this was decanted into individual bowls the second sachet came into play.  This contained a crunchy topping, a bit like biscuit crumbs or the top of an apple crumble, which could be sprinkled over the pudding to give it some added texture.

For an instant packet mix the Hot Crunch Pudding was actually quite tasty despite being so easy to make.  I believe it was available in three flavours, these being Banana (basically custard), Lemon (not a particularly zingy lemon if I remember right) and chocolate (my personal favourite).  I have no idea when it disappeared from our shops or why, so I guess the closest you’ll get to it today is to make some custard and smash a few digestives over the top…