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Emu Hand Puppet

Posted by Big Boo on December 3rd, 2008

Emu and Rod Hull were one of those variety acts that were forever cropping up on British TV, either in their own shows (The Pink Windmill Show being a prime example of Emu madness) or as guests on chat shows or other entertainment shows such as Crackerjack. Its amazing quite how much Rod Hull got away with really, when you consider that when Emu attacked some celebrity it was actuall Rod Hull’s hand doing all the biting and groping.

Anyway, I distinctly remember a friend of mine having an Emu hand puppet when I was little, and we used to have great fun mimicing Emu’s antics. I particularly liked the slightly angry look that Emu could do which was achieved by bending your fingers inside his beak so that the top part of the beak curled somewhat. It was quite a funny look I always thought.

Emu recently returned to our screens under the control of Rod’s son Toby Hull, and whilst I think Emu’s days of grabbing celebrity backsides are probably over now, you can still have fun attacking your own victims as the Emu Hand Puppet is available again from Stocking Fillers in all its orange felt and purple rafia glory.

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