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Goofy Glasses

Posted by Big Boo on December 8th, 2008

I always wanted a pair of these as a kid, but my Mum would never let me have a pair because she feared I would end up poking my eyes out with them or something equally hideous.

Ultimately completely useless, these glasses do nothing to help you see any better, but do look hilarious in action.  They consisted of a pair of glasses with two mini Slinky springs attached to the lens area.  The other end of the Slinkys had plastic eyeballs attached, normally blood shot and with a wild looking stare to them.

When placed on your head the springs naturally succumbed to gravity and the eyeballs plummeted downwards towards your chest, making it look as if your eyes had literally popped out on stalks.  The only problem was that it was very impractical as a joke, as ideally you would want the eyes to drop down at your command for the best impact.  This was almost impossible to achieve without tipping your head right back so that the eyes could rest on the glasses.

I’m pleased to say these are still available from the nice people at Stocking Fillers, so if you want to look like a Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall when he ends up out on the surface of Mars, now’s your chance…

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