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Sweets Wordsearch

Posted by Big Boo on December 11th, 2008

I’ve written about many of the different types of penny sweets and chocolates before on this site, but today for a change I thought I’d provide you with a little bit of a distraction for a change in the form of a good old word search puzzle.

Assuming you have Java installed on your computer then below this post you should find a great interactive wordsearch puzzle. To use it click on the New Game button then just click and drag a box around the words as you find them using the mouse, and they’ll automatically be marked off on the list. Many thanks to Mike Hall for his great little applet.

And if after all that puzzling you feel a bit peckish, then why not pay a visit to online sweet shop A Quarter Of, where all the various goodies contained above can still be bought. They also have a great line in selection boxes, including an eighties themed gift box and a rather tasty looking festive stocking.

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