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Logger Chocolate Bars

Posted by Big Boo on December 17th, 2008

Sorry everyone, but this post features yet another of my home made images as I was unable to find a photo of an original Logger bar.

I forget which manufacturer made the Logger, but I seem to recall I quite enjoyed eating them as a kid.  A Logger was little more than a bar of chocolate, but its distinguishing feature was that it was curved on the top and had marks in it that looked a bit like the bark of a tree, hence why it was called Logger.

I seem to recall it was available in more than one variety.  I’m almost certain there were milk and dark varieties, and there may also have been a fruit and nut version too, but I can’t remember now.

The one thing I do remember about the Logger bar was the TV advert.  It was in a similar vein to the well known Lumberjack song from Monty Python.  A burly looking check shirted lumberjack is stood with a pretty young girl on his arm and they sing the following:-

Lumberjack: I truly love a Logger.

Girl: What, love one more than me?

Lumberjack: The Logger that I truly love has marks on, like a tree.