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Posted by Big Boo on January 28th, 2009

Over the years the wonderful children’s TV presenter Brian Cant has made some brilliant shows aimed mostly at the younger ages.  He was a regular presenter on Play School and voiced puppet shows such as Camberwick Green and Trumpton.  However there is one of his shows that appears to have been forgotten by most on the Interwebby, and this is Bric-A-Brac.  Indeed, I couldn’t find any pictorial record of the show at all, so a picture of Brian will have to suffice!

Bric-A-Brac was aimed squarely at pre-schoolers and was normally shown in the early afternoon on BBC2 regularly during the early 1980’s.  Brian played the owner of a junk shop, hence the title of the show, who after welcoming you into his shop would scour the shelves to find items beginning with that episodes chosen letter of the alphabet.  This was always amusing to little kids as Brian would first announce the letter (let’s say F for example) and would then make his way round going “What can we find that begins with fuh?“, with particular emphasis on the sound of the letter.

I seem to recall that after finding a few items Brian would then read a short story about one of the things he found or would play some kind of guessing game with them.  If he didn’t do this then I’m not sure what else he did to fill the ten minutes or so that the show lasted for.

Quite often many of the things he found were wind up toys, and at the end of the show he would wind them up and let them bounce about as the end credits rolled.  I do recall that the theme music was very short but fitted the show very well.  It started with sounds of winding up clockword mechanisms and they played out a very short chorus on what I think was most probably a tuba.