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So You Think You Know The 80s

Posted by Big Boo on February 3rd, 2009

so you think you know the 80sA little while back I reviewed The Classic Children’s Television Quiz Book (it’s fab! – get a copy) but if children’s television isn’t your strong point then maybe a copy of So You Think You Know The 80s by Clive Gifford might suit you better.

As the name suggests this is a quiz book covering our favourite decade, the 1980’s.  As it say on the cover It contains “over 1000 yuppie-tastic quiz questions!” which range over a number of topics.  The book contains 21 quizzes comprised of 50 questions each, with subject headings including Events, Sport, Music, Advertising, Television and a whole bunch more.  There are even a couple of quizzes devoted to Children’s Television exclusively if my previous recommendation has left you thirsty for more.

The book is guaranteed to get you scratching your head and it gets quite exciting as question after question drags back memories of long forgotten things.  I found the quiz on advertising particularly entertaining with the question “Which computer advertised itself as capable of running a nuclear power station?”.  Scarily enough the answer to this question was the Sinclair ZX81!  Just make sure nobody jogs the 16K RAM pack otherwise we’re all in grave danger…

The book is available from a great little gift site called Stocking Fillers, and is a bargain at a penny less than a fiver.

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